Nautilus Connectivity



Training at home doesn't mean training alone. Nautilus integrates Bluetooth® connectivity to help you find your edge by connecting you to your personal data, workout stats, virtual coaches, training buddies—even running and cycling tracks around the world.

Bluetooth connectivity


The free Nautilus Trainer™ app virtually puts a personal fitness coach by your side, keeping you honest with your metrics and highfiving your results. It also syncs your workout data to Nautilus® app partners like MyFitnessPal, so you can easily track, view and even share your accomplishments with family and friends.

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RunSocial™ App

The Ultimate
Mixed Reality
Training App

Travel the world while you train with RunSocial™—the amazing, new digital fitness experience that lets you explore courses all over the globe. Just choose and download the course you want, join an event or create your own, invite your friends or go it alone. Whatever route you take, you'll be blown away by breathtaking scenery every step of the way.

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