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Functional Fitness

The whole concept of "functional fitness" isn't new, but it's certainly getting more attention lately. The idea is simple: By improving your balance, building your core and training your muscle groups to work together, you'll not only look and feel better—you'll actually function better in your everyday life. Modern Movement is the next generation of functional fitness training.

Modern Movement takes training to a higher level with smartly designed, go-anywhere exercise tools that integrate with a free app to transform your workout into a dynamic, digital experience. Whether you work out in your home, office, gym, or on the road, Modern Movement gives you the motivation you need for the results you want.

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Work Out and Sync Up

For stronger abs, arms and legs, try the Edge-Board™ Core Strength Trainer. Edge-Board™ is a full-body extension trainer you can activate with your hands or feet. To improve your balance and build your core, check out the M-Pad™ Balance and Strength Trainer. M-Pad™ increases balance and engages core muscles with a tilt & swivel motion that mimics real-life movements.

Just download the free M-Trac™ App for interactive training and gaming options designed specifically for your M-Pad™ or Edge-Board™. Then follow the action on your phone or on a second screen using Apple TV®, Google® Chrome® or Roku®.

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Get Results

Whichever product you choose, you'll discover a workout experience that's more effective and engaging. And by tracking your results with the M-Trac™ App, you'll see progress from one workout to the next.

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